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5. What dosage should I take?

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How much should I take?  Person to person, the correct CBD dosage can vary. It can depend on a range of factors. That’s why we’ve designed our CBD supplements to make dosage easier than ever. For example, both our pure and broad spectrum CBD oils have graduated pipettes, allowing you to accurately control the dosage. […]

3. Is CBD legal in Ireland?

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Is CBD legal in Ireland? The short answer: Compliant, carefully made products like our pure CBD oils and other CBD supplements are perfectly legal in Ireland. The long answer: The CBD industry is constantly changing evolving and so are the regulations. CBD is legal in Ireland as a food supplement, not for medicinal use. CBD products are […]

2. Is CBD addictive?

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Is CBD addictive? A common question about CBD is around whether it is addictive or not. CBD is not an addictive substance and is available for general sale as a food supplement in Ireland. The World Health Organisation states in a 2017 report that “evidence from well-controlled human experimental research indicates that CBD is not […]