3. Is CBD legal in Ireland?

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The short answer: Compliant, carefully made products like our pure CBD oils and other CBD supplements are perfectly legal in Ireland.

The long answer: The CBD industry is constantly changing evolving and so are the regulations. CBD is legal in Ireland as a food supplement, not for medicinal use. CBD products are legal for general sale so long as they don’t contain any THC or other controlled substances. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound that creates the infamous “high”. All HempWell CBD food supplements are listed on the FSA’s novel foods list making them legal CBD products at our manufacturing base in the UK. When you buy CBD oil you should always check for compliant products that have third-party lab tests to confirm the legitimacy and cannabinoid content.

You should always look out for products that have been cannabinoids tested by third-parties when you buy CBD supplements. This will provide evidence the product is THC free and therefore safe to use.

How is the CBD industry regulated in Ireland?

While the rules around CBD are constantly changing, Ireland generally follows EU guidelines around CBD products. CBD supplements are generally classed as food supplements (not medicines) and are regulated by the FSAI. Topical CBD products, such as hemp creams or CBD muscle balms, follow a different set of rules. These follow strict existing cosmetic rules. For example, all of our CBD creams have a valid CPSR certification attached to them, showing they have been tested for safely, quality and consistency.

As a part of the process of having our products approved by the FSA, we submit a Novel Foods application in which our products were sent for full analysis, including:

Full chemical analysis
Stability Testing
Microbiological Testing
Toxicological Evaluation
ADME Evaluation

A block on new CBD products was imposed from 31st March 2021 and any products after this date would not be allowed on the UK market.

HempWell was started back in 2017 and we open our first flagship store in 2020. All of our food supplements are listed on the FSA website. We are proud to sell our CBD oils, CBD capsules and other supplements legally. In addition, we grow our own hemp in Europe using EU certified seeds and our raw materials are extracted in a GMP certified facility.