CBD Testimonials

Our customers are at the heart of what we do. From the beginning, we wanted to provide products that spoke for themselves – simply, sustainably, and 100% ethically sourced. We pride ourselves on our quality and customer service, and our customers agree! Here is just some of what HempWell customers have written over the years.

‘The best thing I’ve done for my recovery next day’

” I started by buying a CBD cream when I got an injury. During training for the Iron Man I injured my leg, it was so painful I couldn’t walk well at all for two months. I went into the York HempWell shop and after getting some advice I bought a Max Strength CBD Cream. After 1 week the pain was way less intense! It allowed me to slowly get my training back, I used it before bed combined with an oil to help me be calm and help with sleep.” 

Emma-Louise, Personal Trainer (read her full testimonial here)

‘I have complete control over my skin and my reactions.’

“I couldn’t recommend the products enough! I would recommend anyone with skin issues to consider how CBD can help. Moreso, I recommend the team at HempWell. Their knowledge is so reassuring and suggestions really have changed my life. Before visiting HempWell in January, I’d have never considered that I might actually have gut health issues and my skin was just a side effect of this, however after leaving the store, I’ve now done so much research into this, changed my lifestyle and diet and am feeling more in control than ever before.

I would recommend the products and HempWell to anyone. On my second visit to the store, we met Lisa, who was also amazing and helped to give us a further insight to the world of CBD. On this visit I brought my fiancés mum, who’s always suffered from Psoriasis. She’s just started using the products now and is seeing a difference too.”

Olivia, HempWell Customer (read her full testimonial here)

‘the only thing that gives me any relief from the pain’

“My lovely, uncomplaining, child-of-the-1940s father almost thinks that pain and having achieved a good age go hand in hand and I was desperate to give him back some quality of life. I have purchased many permutations of pain relief – gels, cushions, neck massage pads and TENS machines – but nothing has had the same effect as the Hempwell Deep Relief Pain Cream.

I was anxious that, because of his reduced shoulder dexterity, that he might not be able to massage it in his neck himself, but he uses it religiously on his own if there is no-one around to help. When I asked him if it was effective and if I should re-order it, he said, ‘Pet, it’s the only thing that gives me any relief from the pain’.

And for that reason, I am so happy to recommend this product and hope that other people enjoy the same pain relief as Dad.”

Anne Marie, HempWell Customer (read her full testimonial here)

Online Reviews

Joanne Knight
Joanne Knight
Very helpful and professional
Nana Rhoda
Nana Rhoda
The lady who runs the store and was in McAurthur Glen yesterday is lovely, knowledgeable, emphatic and incredibly understanding. The products are high quality and helping. Thank you so much. S
keith fox
keith fox
Today I visited Hemp Well in Petergate. We met Hanna who explained how CBD works. In a time of failing standards it was a pleasure to be treated in a professional honest way. This staff member should be a standard bearer for how to deal with people. Well done. Keith and Bridget PS We made a purchase.
Bill Etherington
Bill Etherington
Had an order of CBD chocolates arrive absolutely melted to the point of uselessness. But after getting in touch and sending a few photos, the order was replaced and had arrived within 48rs. I've just had my first chocolate and it was lovely. Thank you to Phil and the HempWell team for being so helpful and understanding!
David Copley
David Copley
My wife and I called into the York shop on Thursday morning. I have really painful issues with my right knee due to racing Motorcycles for many years. I met with Phil who gave me some assistance with choosing a product and had a "tester" in the shop. The Deep Relief Cream that Phil kindly gave me worked a treat on my knee, all day Thursday and Friday. I was actually pain free. I woke on Friday morning in agony again as the Cream had worn off and it got worse as I was doing a bit of Gardening and when I had done, I came in and had a shower, put some cream on again and a short while later I was pain free again, it was like magic. I don't know how it works, but it is fantastic. Thanks for the help.
C. C.
C. C.
Lovely shop with a unique product range and owners who really know their stuff.

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