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Honestly it arrived in 2 days which was good but if I got 20 Puffs out of it I'd be lucky and that was it light flashing and no more came out was seriously disappointing and a waste of €17 so won't be ordering again

Fantastic support and service

I have been over the moon with the service and level of care from Hempwell. I faced a situation where the patches worked and then they didn't and I was really stuck. The team supported me, came up with suggestions, and offered service like no other company I've experienced. Brilliant.


Yes they seem to do the trick and they are a little sweet but nice all the same.

You have the incorrect email address and you are sharing someone else's private details

I've already emailed you about this.
You have shared the name, address, telephone number and order details of a different person with the same name as me.
This is complete incompetence from your company.
Do something about it, or I will text your customer to let him know.
If this happened with my details, I would be very annoyed.
I'm helping you out here, now sort it out.

Pure CBD Oil 3000mg
Roy O Brien
Pure CBD PIL 3000mg

Myself and my wife both found an immediate difference with this dosage. The peppermint flavour is also very pleasant.


This face cream glides on perfectly, no stinging around the eyes etc, My face feels soft and ver smooth after. Love, love love.

CBD Muscle Balm 500mg
Stacy Williams
Great Products

Purchased the muscle balm products to use for aches and muscle pains. They are excellent products and the impact of them was felt right away.
Will be purchasing again and would highly recommend them.

Very good CBD!

For pain relief

Robs magic lotion

Everyone has noticed a change in my posture and my attitude and my general self

Pure CBD Oil 1500mg
Cheryl Berlin

HempWell CBD Oil | 1500mg CBD | 30ml Bottle | Various Flavours


Quick delivery. Reasonable priced. Good product. Not sure if it works yet, as I just bought the first bottle for my husband, who is undergoing chemo for a brain tumor, and CBD oil supposed to help with the side effects. Will be buying more.

Pure CBD Oil 1000mg
Ian Peacock
Peppermint oil

Since starting with 1000mg peppermint CBD oil I’ve reduced my intake of pain relief tablets for my Crohn’s disease πŸ‘


Yet to receive


Unfortunately the cream didn't work for me. It went on easily but had no effect.

Pure CBD Oil 1000mg
Jude Burton
Cbd, 1000mg no flavour

Hi, got this for my dogs arthritis and recently increased the dose after an operation and she is doing really well πŸ‘. Difficult to judge with an animal ! However I’m happy that it could be helping, and her limp from the arthritis is so much betterπŸ™‚. She does take a homeopathic remedy as well. Thank you Jude

Best c.b.d. oil I have tried. It helps me sleep and is good for my I. b .s.

Hempwell 500

For me, absolutely brilliant. I suffer a lot of age related pain, ie arthritis, terrible joint pain, fallen arches in my feet etc!
Hempwell has eased the pain and upped my spirits to be able to carry on!
I will always use it!

HempWell review

Love this product!! It hasn’t got a strong taste and it works a treat. Service was also 5/5. Would 100% recommend this product! HempWell CBD oil 1500mg original.

Great product

The product is great, but I have repeatedly asked for the containers to be used to have more capsules in them. It seems such a lot of plastic which just gets thrown away

Miracle worker

I suffer from multiple conditions, which cause muscle pain, joint pain, spasms etc. I can honestly say that this is the only thing so far that has eased my cramps/spasms, and lowered my pain enough to sleep at night. A bonus is a little can go a long way, and the cream rubs in well. Can't recommend this enough!!

Pure CBD Oil 1500mg
Gwen Cormack
Hempwell and Parkinsons

Hempwell seems to be helping with the hand tremors and resting and sleeping since taking the oil i am not wandering about at night or tossing and turning

HempWell CBD Capsules 1500mg CBD | 50mg Per Cap | 30 Gel Capsules

CBD Oil 4000mg

Cannot give a Review just yet as I have just started my partner on it as she lung cancer and suffers form fibromyalgia so will give one when we get there 😊😊

helped me get out of smoking habit

I have used this product to reduce stress very successfully. I am a smoker of over 50 years who gave up on 1st August this year and this product has helped no end. Company very helpful, thoroughly recommend

To early to give a honest review.

Only recently tried the capsules so really comment about the effectiveness. Sorry to early.