This New Year I Want To Be CBD Healthy

With the start of a new year, a lot of people are looking to the benefits of CBD as part a new health regime. There is no better way to celebrate an Irish new year, than to introduce CBD within your new and improved health schedule.

CBD is a great supplement to take on a daily basis even if you’re not struggling with any mental or physical pain. Such products as CBD oils, CBD tablets, or even CBD edibles (e.g., gummies), are a great way to start off your day to give you that boost, and motivation people desire in the mornings (instead of a 2000 calorie Dublin Fry!). Edibles are great and convenient for that quick fix when starting your day as they are more time effective than consuming such CBD products as oils. They are an easy, transportable product that can be taken anywhere – even to the pub to take before a pint of Guinness!

It is recommended that CBD is taken on a daily basis to experience the best effects of CBD. See our dosage article here. The CBD daily amount that is recommended to not exceed is 70mg of CBD, however it is worth noting that you cannot overdose on CBD, so a lot of people do exceed this amount.

Mental Wellbeing

Mental health is extremely important and should be part of your new health regime like your physical health. Winter can have adverse effects on an individual’s mental health, as such mental illness like SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) becomes more and more popular each winter. Therefore, it is important to access the correct treatment for stabilising mental health. CBD is a great way of reaching this stabilisation which can be effective for both ends of the spectrum (severe mood disorders to moderately unstable mental health). However, these different extremities are managed with different doses of CBD which are best accessed through CBD oils. CBD oils at HempWell can range from 500mg to 4000mg CBD concentrated within a 30ml bottle. This allows a nice range of strengths in order to find an optimum dosage of CBD that is suitable to manage any mental stresses an individual may be experiencing. The most effective method for finding this ideal strength is to use the step up/down method. This involves starting with a strength that is recommended or you believe will be effective. After trialling this dosage for a month, it will be easy to judge whether this strength is working and whether a higher/lower dosage would be more effective. To reach this conclusion, it sometimes best to keep track of the amount of CBD taken daily and your symptoms after taking this noted amount – essentially a ‘CBD diary.

Sports Recovery

When a new year approaches, a lot of people start to think about their physical health and start with the new year with a new sports plan! This can include promising to go for more runs, go to the gym more frequently or just getting out the house more for a casual stroll. Either way, with sport comes injuries as well! CBD can be your best friend is this aspect. For those of you planning to start your new year off with sports plan in mind, remember to grab your CBD essentially for any recovery needed after that intense workout. There are a range of CBD products available at HempWell, which are very effective for any sports recovery. One popular product is the Muscle Balm which is available in two different strengths of CBD (500mg and 1000mg). This Muscle Balm is great for easing muscles that have been working extra hard and enhancing muscle relaxation. Another effective topical cream that is highly recommended, is the CBD Deep Relief cream. Again, this cream is available in two different strengths (500mg or 1000mg of CBD) and is great for joint recovery. In contrast to the Muscle Balm, the Deep Relief cream targets joints as well muscles for that extra enhancement of repair.

So, start introducing CBD into your Irish new year kick in order to increase that calmness, wellbeing and physical performance that is essential for a super healthy 2023.