Distinguishing Between Topical and Transdermal CBD

topical cbd

CBD consumption is widely practiced through topical application, allowing the compound to permeate the skin. However, a crucial factor to consider is whether the CBD in these products reaches the bloodstream. To understand this, it’s essential to distinguish between topical and transdermal CBD products.

What sets topical and transdermal CBD products apart?

While you may be familiar with topical CBD products like muscle creams and balms, transdermal CBD products, such as CBD patches, might be less known. Both types involve applying CBD to the skin, and their effects typically manifest around half an hour after application.

The primary disparity between topical and transdermal CBD products lies in their impact on the bloodstream. Topical CBD products, like muscle balms, are effective only in the localized area where applied. If you’ve used such products, you’ve likely noticed that they don’t address broader issues like stress when applied to specific joints. This is because the CBD in topical products absorbs through the skin but doesn’t reach the bloodstream. In contrast, transdermal products, like CBD patches, facilitate CBD absorption into the bloodstream, enabling it to reach the brain and be more effective in addressing issues beyond localized pain.

Why don’t topical CBD products reach the bloodstream?

The limitation of topical CBD products stems from CBD’s hydrophobic and lipophilic properties, making it challenging to penetrate beyond the outer skin layer. Without additional ingredients (not suitable for all product types), increasing CBD concentration has had limited success in humans. Practical concerns also arise with cost and optimal dosage, as higher CBD concentrations lead to increased product expenses, which may not align with the required dosage.

Why do transdermal CBD products reach the bloodstream?

Transdermal CBD products bridge the gap by containing permeation enhancers, like propylene glycol, which aid CBD absorption into the bloodstream. CBD patches, for instance, can be applied anywhere on the body and release CBD gradually, providing relief from various issues like stress and anxiety throughout the day.

Choosing between topical and transdermal CBD products

The choice between these products depends on your specific needs. If you’re targeting localized pain, such as arthritis, sticking with topical products like specialized CBD creams is advisable. On the other hand, if you seek relief from non-localized issues like anxiety or stress, transdermal options like CBD patches could be more suitable.

Beyond topical and transdermal products, popular CBD options include oils and capsules. If you’re unsure where to begin or have questions about CBD, feel free to message us in the chat box below for guidance and information.