Can CBD be taken into Ireland?

cbd in ireland

With CBD being a fairly new product, there is no common ground between countries in relation to whether CBD is allowed to be taken into their country. Most countries accept CBD products, as long as there is either no traces of THC or rarely any traces of THC (0.2%). For which these products are labelled as food supplements. This is the case for those who will be entering Ireland.

HempWell products have all THC removed from their CBD products, thus these products are allowed to be taken into Ireland. Some individuals tend to take extra precautions in relation to broad spectrum products compared to isolate products. At HempWell, all our hemp plants are grown ourselves in Bulgaria. When extracting substances from the hemp plant (including CBD), all THC is removed. This is categorised as broad spectrum, which includes CBD and other elements from the hemp, excluding THC. Another process is taken place afterwards which removes every other substance apart from CBD, which leaves the CBD in isolation – hence labelling this product isolate CBD. Therefore, people tend to be more suspicious about broad spectrum CBD, in relation to how safe it would be to take into Ireland.

However, as mentioned, the broad-spectrum CBD products at HempWell have no THC within them – thus they are safe to take into Ireland. All products at HempWell, whether they are isolate spectrum or broad-spectrum, don’t contain THC. Therefore, making them safe to entry other countries with, such as Ireland.

To see more on broad spectrum CBD oils click here, and to find out more about isolate CBD oils click here. Other countries appear to be stricter as to whether they allow CBD to enter their country, mainly including certain states within the US. However, the Republic of Ireland, as mentioned, allow CBD products in depending on their percentage of THC. Although, Northern Ireland appear to have a different legislation on CBD in which there are currently no authorised CBD extracts or isolates on the market. Therefore, any CBD product to be taken to Northern Ireland may be unpermitted, regardless of the percentage of THC. Whereas the Republic of Ireland obtain similar laws to England, Scotland and Wales where CBD is allowed to enter the country depending on the amount of THC within the product. Therefore, HempWell CBD products are allowed to be taken into the Republic of Ireland for the reasons mentioned. Hopefully, this clarification will settle some undecided and worried views that may have been preventing people from buying CBD overseas or taking a CBD product back home.