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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 2000mg


Very pleased with speedy delivery.

Great product

Easy to take and very effective…help me to relax and sleep

Cbd broad spectrum 3000mg

Best thing for chronic back pain. Allows me to stop pain medication. Best brand in Ireland right now. Good value


I think the CBD capsules are very good, I couldn't be without them for my arthritis they're a game changer

CBD Disposable Vape 200mg Lemon Haze

Pure CBD Oil 500mg
Elena Gekker

I liked CBD oil. It was delivered quickly. Thank you.

It didn’t work as I expected for better sleep. I increased the dosage but still not a life changer.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 1500mg

Didn't work for me

Tried 1 tablet for a few nights and then 2 didn't not work for me

Worth a try - does help

I bought some small tubs of the Muscle balm for my husband, who suffers from bad back pain; and for my mother who suffers badly with her feet. They have found it helps if applied every day. Will be buying more 🙂


I started taking this oil 4 months ago; I was feeling anxious due to a work-related burn-out, but also had been suffering from chronic neckpain after an accident as well as regular infections and excema due to allergies. All symptoms cleared after only a few days of use and recurrences are few and much further between. Customer service by the way is fantastic.


Using these capsules has really helped me be more mindful and relaxed

CBD Muscle Balm 1000mg
Brandon Gately
Great so far

Provides a good amount of relief and seems to last a good amount of time

Pure CBD Oil 1500mg
Mary Twomey

I am trying to get a good amount to stop the pain I am hopefull that I will find it by end of month the first month is trial and error but the lady on the phone is super nice and helpful

great service, Thank you

I used CBD Patches, but as I needed to many of them I decided on the capsules. I started of slow with just one a day, which so far helps me sleep a lot better, I am grateful for that alone. to combat my various inflammatory and commercial medication issues I will slowly increase my intake and hope it will help. Heard a lot of good reports about it. I can only try.

CBD 50mg

Was glad to be able to purchase this product. It seems on par with what I purchased in the US.

CBD Gummies 750mg (30 x 25mg)

I didn t received it yet

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 3000mg

CBD Gummies 750mg (30 x 25mg)

Begeistert 🙂

Habe mir das Liquid zum ersten mal in York gekauft und war begeistert von geschmack und Wirkung. Hier in Deutschland habe ich leider nichts vergleichbares gefunden deshalb bestelle ich mir das jetzt von Hemp Well aus Irland. Beim Geschmach finde ich das die Aromen VPN der Pfeffermince und den Beeren sehr gut zur Geltung kommen ohne das man einen unangenehmen Süßstoff geschmack im Mund hat. Ausserdem kratzt es nicht so im Hals wie manche anderen Sorten. Zur Wirkung kann ich sagen das ich seitdem viel gelassener bin und auch besser schlafe....ein guter Grund es weiter zu benutzen.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 3000mg


Honestly it arrived in 2 days which was good but if I got 20 Puffs out of it I'd be lucky and that was it light flashing and no more came out was seriously disappointing and a waste of €17 so won't be ordering again

Fantastic support and service

I have been over the moon with the service and level of care from Hempwell. I faced a situation where the patches worked and then they didn't and I was really stuck. The team supported me, came up with suggestions, and offered service like no other company I've experienced. Brilliant.